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Triple Century Sports Bar

Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston

Bloom NightClub

Nelson, BC

XXXGoldMynd Music Cookout

Maxfield Avenue, Kingston

xxxxxAcoustic Lab Session

Jamaica College Students in IT Lab

xxxxxxxReggae Night Stage Show

Coloraine, St. Mary ...


Gold Mynd Singles form his catalog. The Main project release to date is "My Life Mixtape" containing 19 songs.

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College mates and close friends call me Wolf/ Wolverine. I was born at the Kingston Jubilee Hospital in Jamaica. In my early years I grew up in the community of Temple Hall in rural St. Andrew, in a village called Halls Green. At the start of High School (Jamaica College), I moved to Lyndhurst Road, off Maxfield Avenue, in Kingston. I have always loved music and sports. My entire life has revolved around listening, writing and making music. Taught IT and Computer Science for a number of years at Jamaica College. Registered a music label "Mynd Creation Ltd" and built a recording studio. Brought in some of the best engineers and vocalist to complete the "My Life Mixtape" which contains 19 songs, including stand out hits like "Married to Success", "Soundtrack", "My Life" and "Letter to Mummy". I must also highlight my single called "No Title No Label"; basically a personal message saying "Don't give any labels, or titles, judge people based on their actions and intent".".


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